Today I have chosen to write about the 12-step programs that are a big part of most treatment plans. I’m choosing this as my first segment of detailed information because it is a means of support that can be used before, during, and/or after treatment. Those who do not ever choose to go to treatment can still participate in this kind of support. It is a free and readily available option to get support from those who have had similar experiences.

The majority of support groups for those suffering from or having suffered from alcohol abuse or substance use disorder stem from the original philosophy of alcoholics anonymous (AA)and their 12 steps. Over many years both AA and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) were really the only resource for those suffering from these issues. They began as and still remain as self supporting, free to all, no hierarchical method (no president or CEO in each group) support groups who meet in many places and at many times for those to go to have a safe place where people won’t judge and can identify with the same kind of life issues.

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