Sunshine Coast Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Information Strategy for Fall, 2018

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  • “Many people in Calgary find that a change of environment is a worthwhile investment as they begin their recovery journey from drugs or alcohol,” explained Casey Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer. “As part of our ambitious website upgrades for fall, 2018, we’re excited to announce three key efforts that focus specifically on the needs of Calgary clients.”

    The three key information elements are as follows. First and foremost, Sunshine Coast has deployed additional information upgrades to its Calgary drug and alcohol treatment informational page at Second, as noted on the page above, the Calgary information page has a link directly to the Google maps listing which now showcases seven reviews to the Calgary “Google My Business” listing. Those who want to go directly to the Google reviews can also visit Third, interested persons can visit Sunshine Coast’s “Canada Drug Rehab” page at, which contains newly updated information on nonprofit and government resources to combat drug, alcohol, and other forms of substance dependency in Calgary.

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