Drug Rehabilitation in California for Cocaine Users

Cocaine addiction is one of the most difficult types of substance abuse to conquer. It has a particularly quick onset, which means a person can become addicted after using cocaine just a few times, and has the highest recurrence rate of any street drug addiction. For this reason, it’s important for people seeking drug rehabilitation in California to select a program that provides good aftercare to help prevent relapse.

Cocaine addiction is best treated in facilities that specialize in the problem, since specialized treatment produces the best results. There are several drug treatment centers in California that have such a specialty. Detox is generally the first step, and treatment centers that specialize in cocaine addiction often use medications to make the process more comfortable. Once the drug has left your body completely, you are ready to work on the root causes of your addiction.

Drug Rehabilitation in California for High-Profile Clients

Many of the clients who seek drug rehabilitation in California are in particular need of privacy. News-worthy individuals may find their recovery compromised and their careers endangered if they are not accorded the security and dignity they deserve while working on their addictions. Since there are such a relatively high percentage of celebrities in California, treatment centers there are acutely aware of this need.

California treatment centers aren’t just for the rich and famous, however. Many facilities offer financial aid for the less affluent. There are also a great many specialized treatment centers that focus on teens, veterans and other at-risk groups. Use our listings to find a center that is right for you, and take back control of your life.