Drug Addiction Center: When You Need More Time

A regular stint at a drug addiction center lasts thirty days. Sometimes a rehab will suggest or a judge will demand that you check in for ninety days. If you don’t want to check in for that long then you might want to consider outpatient therapy. If you feel you need more time you can see if your insurance company will pay for you to stay ninety days. Usually, to be granted a ninety day stay the rehab has to write a letter to the insurance company telling them it’s necessary.

Alcohol Addiction Center: Home Away From Home

An alcohol addiction center won’t have all the comforts of home but you should feel somewhat comfortable there because you have a lot of hard work ahead of you. If you are not feeling at ease and there is something the rehab can do to make you feel more at ease you should let them know. While they might not be able to make your favorite dish every night they may be able to give you an extra pillow or let your family member bring your pillow from home for you.

Home Living Sober: What Will It Be Like?

A lot of addicts worry upon leaving a sober living environment what home living sober will be like. You’ve changed but that doesn’t mean the people that you’ve lived with for the last ten years have changed. Your wife will probably still do the naggy things that drive you crazy. Your kids will probably still jump on top of you at six in the morning when you are trying to sleep. Your boss will probably still call you on the weekend and want you to pull up the quarterly reports. The difference is you have to use the tools you learned to manage your stress so you won’t drink.

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