Understanding Eating Disorders in Men

Of all the millions of people in the United States that are suffering from eating disorders, only 10% of that is men.  Eating disorders in men aren’t often associated with them because it has long been believed to be something that only effects women.  This just isn’t true.  Men do have eating disorders and it can be detrimental and even deadly to their health if they do nothing for it.

Learn about Eating Disorders in Men

While Anorexia and Bulimia do exist in men, eating disorders in men usually revolve around overeating or compulsive eating.  In homosexual men, there is more chance for Anorexia or Bulimia than in heterosexual men.  Since so many of the therapy groups surrounding eating disorders are filled with women, men feel isolate without anywhere to turn.

SoberRecovery.com can be used to locate clinics and specialists who can help men with eating disorders get the help they need.   They’ve been online 8 years and continue to serve the population of people who need help with addictions of all kinds.

Eating disorders in men do exist and they need to be dealt with.  Men don’t have to be left in the dark to die from their poor relationship with food.  Help is out there, go and search for it.  Help someone you know with an eating disorder today!