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10th Step: Crop report

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    I just got back from a spiritual retreat and we had a workshop on the thing. To just go through and read the step from “This thought brings us to Step 10,” to “But we must go further and that means more action.”

    I love the 10th Step promises btw. We so rarely hear them in meetings. In fact, most meetings I go to in southern Colorado don’t even cover the 10th step and beyond. Unless I go to my home group meeting and another group or 3 that our group inspired. At most meetings they like to talk about graditude, fear, the newcomer, sponsorship, and how wonderful things are now that I stopped drinking. 😎

    Let me just tell you all how I really feel. I need to stop holding back. 😎

    All I know for sure is that I need to do steps and God removes the obsession from my mind. Step 10 helps keep the pipe clear.

    Well anyways, in this workshop, we talked about our experience in the 10th step. It’s a lot to digest. There’s a bunch of stuff in there. Some talked about working with one specific thing for a while.

    For example; work on “turn”. Let’s say you’re at work and sitting in your chair. You’ve drifted of into “selfishness, dishonesty, resentment, and fear”. When these crop up… We ask…

    But at one point, down the paragraph, it says we resolutely turn our thoughts… This guy proposed that he’s sitting in a chair and he literally turns his chair, gets up, shifts his consciousness to … someone he can help. 😎

    There’s all kinds of neat stuff in there you can practice.

    I like to have 10th step buddies. Guys I call here and there and they call me here and there and we rap about our day.

    I’m finding that I need the practice of the 10th Step to have something to review in the “When we retire at night” in the 11th step. How can you constructively review your day if you don’t remember $#!#? You can’t.

    The 10th Step helps me with awareness.

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