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    Well thank you Jim. That’s a useful, honest answer. Not a smarmy judgemental one.

    The meeting went well btw. We had 10 people and that’s a lot for our Monday meeting. We used a timer the whole way and managed to fit in
    about 20 minutes of crossfire. We had two people who had been literally kicked out of their homegroup. There is actually a restraining order for them to not be at this club/meeting place they used to attend. The guy is a War Vet and Manic Depressive. But he’s been sober 38 years. You can see the anger in his face. When we went around the room to introduce ourselves as alcoholic only, he said, “What? No andas? Beautiful.” They loved our meeting and found it refreshing to be able to discuss steps 10 and 11.

    The way I lead the meeting, I kind of blended the use of 10 and 11 together.

    We had two guys from out of town; one from Denver and one from Albuquerque.

    If anyone is wondering about my comments on the front, feel free to PM me and I’ll gladly discuss them with anybody.



    McGowdog, what’s up?

    I don’t want to derail your thread, because I appreciate you posting it. From your posts, I think you practice my kind of AA; follow directions, from the book. I’m guessing you’d fit in well with my home group. But I gotta tell you, comments like this put me off a bit.

    @McGowdog 2272641 wrote:

    Well thank you Jim. That’s a useful, honest answer. Not a smarmy judgemental one.

    I don’t know how you intended it, and I’m not so into myself that I think it’s about me in any way, but I fail to see the point. The implication is, that other posts have been smarmy and judgemental. And I just don’t read that tone in the other responses.

    You got a bug up your *ss or what? Because when (not if) I get a bug up my *ss, I trust that my real friends in the program are going to ask me about it. And I hope you’ll forgive me if I’m way off base with this.



    I’m pretty into myself and felt that was directed at me. For clarification, I was reiterating what Keith said, often, there are guys on here I look up to that express their practice better than I would, so I either thank the post or quote it and say ditto, yeah it’s lazy, but I’m of the mind some things are worth repeating.

    If you have a problem, send me a pm and we can work it out, or better yet put my name in column one. I like you Patrick, I hope you know that.

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