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10th Step; do you use this throughout the day?

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    Thx Keith. It’s not you, or Rob or Stone. The negative thing is in me.

    I had a pretty good weekend with my wife and her folks this Father’s Day. We came home and she had found out I forgot to water her outside plants and put the towels in the dryer. She went off on me because one of her plants was dead. I rejected her assessment of the situation and it turned into the stupidest full-on fight. She left the house in tears.

    I got in my truck and drove to the reservoir… a hill above it, actually. I listened to my Chuck C tape that I recorded to my MP3 and he was talking about some garbage. I got the notion that it was time to call her. I swear, I picked up my EnV, hit the green “send” button, her name came up as it was the last dialed, and I pressed it… but my phone rang first. It was her calling me.

    I started to head back for home, as she probably didn’t feel any better sitting in our home alone than I did. We would reconcile… our huge life-shattering difference! 😎 Our fight can be so “world shaking!” But I felt bad that I yelled at her. Defended. Refused to submit. Before I attempted the call, I did a quick prayer… inspired by Chuck Clancy… I know… it’s corny.

    But something else happened as I crawled along that bumpy rutted steep dirt road… Chuck C was still playing… and he said that “God willing… he and his wife would celebrate their 50th anniversary (must have been about 1976 when he gave this talk… he was about 29 years sober at the time and got sober in about 46 at the age of 43…) on June 24th.

    My wife and I, God willing, will be married 9 years tomorrow.



    Happy Anniversary Dog



    Damn, so it wasn’t about me after all. Guess I’m not as special as thought. LOL

    PAtrick you are a good man trying to do God’s will, more will be revealed, go a bit easier on yourself, (mind you this is not a suggestion to get soft with the disciplines, but just go easy, quit fighting those who don’t agree, )
    Jim says all the time, truth doesn’t need defending, once I stopped defending I found out he was right.

Viewing 3 posts - 19 through 21 (of 23 total)

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