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    nula. Congratulations on your sober years
    Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings…..:wave:



    I did my entire Twelve Steps without having the pressure of figuring out God. My sponsor was secure enough in his delivery of The Steps to leave that to me to figure out–to develop a personal relationship with a Power Greater Than Myself by myself. The way I understand them, the steps are designed to help ANYONE get sober regardless their concept of God and, in fact, are designed to bring about a spiritual awakening to ENABLE me to begin my pursuit of understanding what spirituality means to me.
    For a man angry at God, THAT is HOPE.



    I like what Skg wrote. Its perfectly normal to have doubts during the steps, or feel no connection with a higher power, thats what steps are for, get that spiritual experience. I wrote things in my 4 like ‘i don’t believe in a god’ ‘god hates me’ ‘this will never work’ ect ect ect. luckily it didn’t matter what i thought about it, i just had to do it

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 14 total)

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