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4th step emotional breakdown

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    @melwilson 2926785 wrote:

    Absolutely right. Maybe that is it. I do have a hard time turning things over. I’m a control freak. But I am more than willing to try to turn things over. I try every day. I fill my God box with things I’m trying to let go of.

    My sponsor wants me to start reading a little bit of my 4th step just to let off some steam. She thinks it will help propel me through until I’m done.

    That was going to be my suggestion, start dumping some in the 5th step. I found something I wasn’t looking for in inventory the other day, barn burning, had to dump it. I know exactly where you are coming from.



    I prayed,and wrote,and tried to not do any serious deep thinking,just doing what was at hand.

    focusing on what I was supposed to do,and remembering,that at this stage I was trusting and relying in God to stay in the process,which was God`s will for me,and I was giving up my will by doing the work.You are too,but sometimes our will dies hard and puts up a heck of a fight.Continue on with the work and don`t let self will beat you,despite those old emotions.We are going back over all that stuff we tried to hide for all those years,sometimes it can be like wallowing in a emotional mudpuddle.I also suggest gettin it done asap to help relieve the length of time you have those emotional upsets



    The 4th step is a ‘Moral’ Inventory not an ‘ImMoral’ Inventory.

    Get some of the good stuff down in there too. Likely the whole refrigerator doesn’t need to be thrown out.

    Study up on the one word principles. They are spiritual in nature and are quite helpful. Although you should take the steps in the manner suggested by your sponsor – there is no admonition against studying the principles behind the steps at anytime. Step 4 is COURAGE btw.

    Get ahold of Joe McQ’s ‘The Steps we Took’ or Jim F’s One Man’s Journey. Both books have excellent suggestions on working the 4th step.

    Joe McQ – Addall dot com

    Jim F – fallawj@hotmail dot com


Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 10 total)

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