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4th step emotional breakdown

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    Mel and Re….. Can’t remember who I learned this from but it’s saved my butt when I’ve been in inventory – especially some of the real heavy duty ones that were tough to write and even tougher to walk around as they banged around in my head.

    1. Before I write inventory, I write a prayer at the top of my first sheet of paper. I’m working on a current 4th step now so I’ll type what I wrote at the top of this inventory. Although they’re basically the same, each prayer is slightly different – if something hits me I include it in the prayer:

    God, help me face the things that are blocking me from you – the manifestations of self that separate me from you. Help me get onto this inventory the things you want me to see that are separating me from You, from other people, from love, from Your spirit and are keeping me from being the person you would have me be.

    Each time I sit down to write, I re-read that prayer to remind me why I’m here and what I’m doing this for.

    Also, before I write, I ask God to take me into the “mental place” or just “the place” where I can write inventory. See, on my own, I’ll miss a lot of the important stuff….either consciously or subconsciously so….. I ask God for help.

    When I’m done writing, I say a prayer thanking God for what he helped me finish and then (AND THIS IS KEY) I ask him to take me out of that place where I write inventory and put me into a place (or state of mind…..or emotional health……or whatever) where I can function in the world and be of use to my God and my fellows. Walking around with a 100lb anvil on your shoulders isn’t fun.

    I’ll tell ya, since used the “take me into inventory” and “take me out of inventory” prayers, I’ve written better inventories, been able to go deeper and uncover more, AND I’ve been able to walk around in the world relatively free from all that crap until I’m able to 5th step it…. I highly recommend those 2 prayers.



    busbozo…Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings….:wavey:



    The 4th step can be a very difficult thing to do. Espically for alcoholics like myself. Its the first step that requires action. Step 3 is a descion to turn our will and life over to the care of God. Until we start taking the action in the 4th step then we havnt done anything yet. Step 3 is only a descion. Every descion must be followed by action. The rest of the steps are action steps. Its the action steps that bring about the change in our personalites suffecint to recover from alcoholism. The 4th step takes a look at ourselves. It can be painful to look inside ourselves in search of the truth. When we do this we find resentment, fear, anger, selfpity and we also look at the wrongs we do to others. This can be an overwhelming state of affarirs. But one that is vitaly nessary to recover and have serinity. Its the stuff that keeps us getting drunk. Weve never faced it before. We always drown it out with alcohol or other drugs. Its natural to get bent out of shape when facing the us for the first time. We start to see who we really are.

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 10 total)

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