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4th step self resentment?

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    Just started the 4th step, list of people I’m resentful towards.

    Question: Do I include myself on the list if I have things in my life that I have been resentful/angry/upset towards myself for doing?

    I’m going to ask my sponsor the same question, just looking for some helpful feedback.




    For me, the answer to that question was a big yes. I had quite a list against myself. Perhaps took the majority of my 5th step to work through those.

    Definitely ask your sponsor, but I would go ahead and write them down.




    Good question. I would say yes. My sponsor is fond of saying that the origin of/meaning of resentment is “re” – “sentiment” as in “feeling again” (usually again and again and again). When we are stuck in a cycle of obsessing about how we perceive someone elses actions/thoughts/words and unable to move forward, we are said to resent them.

    If you find yourself “stuck” by how you perceive your own previous actions, unable to move forward and repsond to life in a new, more healthy way – I’d say you resent yourself. And dealing with that resentment in a way that allows you to respond in a new way is critical to breaking that cycle.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 8 total)

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