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5th Step; a recent experience

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    Well I got it 5th Stepped… finally. I made a foolish decision on the front end asking someone who is spiritually sick/lost and they didn’t bother to show up… twice and didn’t show much remorse over it.

    But… in the end … it’s up to me to get it done.



    Oh, I may have posted this elsewhere, but I went on with the rest of the steps…6, 7, 8, then set out and made my first amend.

    The first guy on my list is someone who used to come to my homegroup meeting. He left because he and his wife were not treated kindly in our meeting for not … conforming to our group conscience, I guess? The doing the steps yearly thing didn’t seem to be his thing. And he’s very active during hunting season. Not just for recreation, but it’s sort of his career I think. He trains bird dogs.

    Well anyways, he was kind of a 2nd sponsor to me. He’s a lot of peoples’ 1st sponsor. The kind of guy you can go have coffee with and just talk to.

    Well anyways, we go in a big fight and unkind words were exchanged. This had gone on for … almost a year. As I headed over to his place to make this amend, I’d remembered our latest exchange. He was rather insulting to me in front of a group of people. Even they pointed it out as rude. A good old fashioned justifiable resentment. Well… I headed over to his place after arranging the meeting before hand, and there he was. He poured me some coffee and I felt at home.

    I cleared the air as to why I was there and made the amend. He… offered up some regret for ill feelings as well, told me I’d made a good amend and could go anytime I wanted to, but asked me to consider a few things. I told him I was enjoying our talk and would here him out.

    He talked to me about the possibility of doing a multiple 5th step if I got the chance and focus in on “how I deny God in my life”. I was interested. So… I asked him, “Will you hear my 5th step?”

    So the next day, after making an amend to a guy, I’m sharing my 5th step with him.

    It was an incredible experience.

    I have one amend left and I’ll do that tomorrow after lunch. I’m looking forward to being done.

Viewing 2 posts - 4 through 5 (of 5 total)

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