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9th step experiences

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    The ninth step can be a pretty scary thing. I know for myself that I bounced in and out of aa for years looking for an easier softer way than the 12 suggestions we have. Primarily the notion that at some point I would have to approach those i had harmed, and try to make right what i had done in the past. Sober a couple of years now, i look back at the progress i have made and the peace of mind that i have and realize the easier softer way was right in front of me all along.
    I don’t want to make this too long and i will try not to. I just thought it would be good to post an experience with the ninth step that changed my perception of the task at hand. I am not saying all amends go great, but what i ahev learned is that my willingness to make right the things i have done wrong allows me to walk with my head a little higher no matter what the outcome.

    I used to squat at this efficiency apartment complex in the area that i live in.
    It was one of those places that is occupied by 80% drug addicts and alcoholics and you never really had to go far to find the next drink or drug.
    I owed the manager there a couple hundred dollars. I was a tenant at one point ,but couldnt afford the weekly rent after a few weeks. This man was BIG, ANGRY, AND on my amends list. My sponsor told me wheni began my ninth step not too hunt people down but make the amends as they pop up in my life and never without god. I was with my family at the fireworks for the fourth of july and there he was. My first reaction was to run,of course, I hadn’t any money to pay him and the guy was scary. My heart told me that the time was now and i said my prayer and approached this man willing to make a payment arrangement of some sort. I stated my name and told him why i had approached him and that i was willing to make any payment acceptable to him to clear this up. What he said to me was incredible!!!
    He said ” you have a beautiful family and it is apparent to me that you are doing the right thing. So long as you are doing the right thing forget about the money, it isnt important. There are certain things that are important to a man. The right thought the right word the action and the right meditation. If you want to make this apology rent a book from the library and find the right meditation” then he walked away.
    To write about it now still gives me “GODBUMPS”. The outcome was certainly not what i had expected it to be but it was exactly what i needed to hear at that time. I didnt rent a meditation book. I bought one and i Took that mans advice.
    Please follow in suit. I would love to hear some of your experiences and i am sure the newcomer filled with fear would as well. GOD BLESS:v9:v9:v9



    They go like that, don’t they?

    Thanks for sharing.



    I showed up at a womans door to make amends,
    I only knew her casually,
    I had my big book with me and said ” Uh…i’m doing this process…”

    she interrupted and said ” yes , and its about time”.!

    Turns out she was in narcotics annonymous and recognized the book immediately. The steps are full of surprises, good ones.

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