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    very nice to meet you, april. keep posting! blessings, k


    @Porkchop1126 1402771 wrote:

    Thank you so much Jimhere for your input. I know that alcohol is a drug as well, and I might be wrong for feeling like I need N.A. instead of A.A. but I just feel I can gain more insight from relating to other addicts who chose chemical substances over alcohol. There are SO many triggers for me, money, no money, weekends, week days, days, nights, friends, strangers, even enemies. So it is a daily battle, but I have a precious 7 yr. old who is worth all the pain, sorrow and doubt I have to go through to get clean and more importantly staying clean. I am so glad I found this group. Thanks Jimhere.

    I should thank you. Seeing your latest post after a crappy day at work made my day. Glad I could help!

    My experience is the opposite from yours. I couldn’t identify with the people in N.A. But I found my truth in A.A. with the help of a good sponsor. Be sure and find yourself a sponsor in N.A. Thanks again!

Viewing 2 posts - 10 through 11 (of 11 total)

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