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    I think it’s important to gain a new outlook yeah – my life didn’t seem that insane to me because my life had = drinking for years, and most of the few people I interacted with were alcoholics too.

    It was chaos and purgatory but it was familiar chaos and purgatory and there was a kind of sick comfort in it.

    I not only had to stop anesthetising myself with booze, I had to take a deep breath and step outside that comfort zone in order to look back at my ‘life’ from a fresh perspective.




    aunt dee,

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    Hi Dee,

    This is a great post!

    When I read about someone saying they had a couple of glasses of wine on the weekend but, no more and everything was under control, it makes me cringe. What I see is a person who is being manipulated by the disease of alcoholism.

    When I read about someone who had a couple of glasses of wine on the weekend, but no more, and now they feel horrible, lost, desperate, it makes me cringe. This is also the disease of addiction keeping you hooked using shame and guilt.

    When you have a relapse, it’s important to reaffirm what your goal is. Sit down and write out a new plan for yourself for the day. The old plan didn’t work, so what can you do differently this time. Be deeply honest. Don’t dismiss the relapse and don’t get overwhelmed by the relapse. Make the changes you need to make and you can recover.

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 25 total)

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