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    Dee… usual, you said it perfectly. Thank you.

    I so remember sobbing….if I could only quit….if I could only quit. I never, ever want to feel that hopelessness/helplessness again. Ever.

    This thread reminds me of those hellish days, and how fortunate I am to have climbed out of it. Thanks again, Dee.



    Thanks so much! ((((()))))



    If you don’t add the fuel, you don’t start your engine.
    That makes sense to me.

    Took me twenty years to get there and realise that tho. I was trying to control my drinking – not stop it.

    Thanks and well said. As mostly a listener (i.e. reader) in personality and on this site, I wanted to add my nod of approval. I suffered for 10 years of “controlled” using/drinking/harmful behaviors. It took until 11April08 to discover that to stay sober I had to STOP drinking! What an insight and revelation! This bit of knowledge for a mathematics PhD took 10 years, thousands of dollars, 3 rehabs, lost jobs, hurt spouse and children, and very low self-esteem.
    Just Stop-K.I.S.S.
    Intellectualizing – BAH
    Thinking myself sober– BAH
    Outsmarting my addictions — BAH

    Don’t Drink? — Yeah!

    Thanks again Dee,



Viewing 3 posts - 19 through 21 (of 25 total)

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