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    Forward we go….side by side…..:yup:



    a well deserved bump…:)



    @Dee74 2530994 wrote:

    I get it – this addiction is insidious…but please guys – do not follow in my footsteps.


    Hey D! Most of us have or at least I have been a repeat offender. I was thinking about that today, having six months again away from the sauce that takes me right into shooting dope. Not in the best of spirits today either.

    Feeling lonely, tired, sad, the weather is raining, but see what I am doing? yep focusing on all the crap and not thinking hey I have a nice 2 bedroom house for Chance and I to live in, I have food, a vehicle again, I’ve lived already longer than what the Doctor told me :tapping:lmao

    So what do I do stay in self, nope had to come to the most active place that I knew of so Vic could get out of his own selfish, self-centered head. Thanks for being here and your honesty takes the cake!


Viewing 3 posts - 22 through 24 (of 25 total)

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