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Action..Step Three

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    :c029: This step for me is my development and belief in my Higher Power which I choose to call GOD…This step calls for belief and faith to work. I start with prayer to find out what it is that I believe God wants me to do next. The answers are simple. Do something…Make a meeting, call my sponsor, pray, look for a job, get up for work, go to school, do my laundry, and commit to work the next step..You get the idea..I NEED to LIVE MY WAY into BETTER THINKING not THINK myself into BETTER LIVING..It doesnt work I tried it..Step 3 priciples are faith, willingness, surrender…etc..Now with my commitment in this step I move to step four…..:c011:



    ….How can I turn MY will and MY life over to this God I really dont understand fully ??? I need to keep in mind that this is not a religious program. However, if religion helps than Im all for it. So back to that question..How? For me its very simple. Im known to complicate things so simplicity is the key. First this step calls for a DECISION. This means ACTION. What action? Well, make a commitment to work ALL 12 steps with a sponsor who has a good program themselves…Also I need to keep my mind OPEN to new ideas other than MY own.. Will and Life is simply my thinking and behavior….. Faith, willingness, and surrender are principles to practice.. SELF-WILL RUN RIOT does NOT WORK for me…So Turn my will and life over to God as I really try to understand Him or Her if you like….This is a great journey and the first three steps will help me get through the rest of the steps…Hey…. you guys told me its not about perfection but progess…Thanks Peter :c031:



    Just dropped step three with my sponsor on New Year’s Eve. I have been running on self for so fkn long that this step really took me by surprise!! I am seeing how I assume that I always know what is best for me and for others around me. I ACTUALLY THOUGHT FOR YEARS THAT I AM SMARTER THAN GOD!! I do what I want and wish for the rest to turn out the way I want it…. Funny how quick i am to tell others how to live and what they are doing wrong in their recovery… i am hiding behind these huge walls of bs that have been security in some form for years… Step three shows me that the principles found in 1 and 2, the surrender and willingness are essential. The faith part is a struggle, but the proof is all around me. I renew my commitment each day and for the past few days the knot in my gut is not so tight! I don’t know what God looks like, but I am learning what God feels like… PROGRESS!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 4 total)

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