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advice needed for a financial amend for Step 8

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    Hi All,

    Hi All,

    I live outside my native country (Canada), and will be returning there this summer for a 2-week vacation. I have a financial amend to make with someone. This debt of mine has been outstanding since 1994. The last time I spoke with either my friend or his wife is when they tried to contact me my phone in 1994.
    I would like to ask if the following scenario of how I should try to make the amend is appropriate.

    Since I do not know where the couple lives but do know where my friend works, I try to pay him a visit at his office. Apologize and hand him an envelope containing the sum from 1994, adjusted with inflation, to be the equivalent dollar amount in 2011 values. The debt from 1994 was roughly $350 (Cdn), so it would be now $484.00 (Cdn).

    Pat K



    Good to know of your plan…:yup:

    I have zero experience with this situation
    hope others who do will be along.



    Congrats to you for being willing to make this right. My suggestion is to ask your friend if repayment of the original amount plus adjustments for inflation make the situation right? Your friend may want interest on the debt or he may just want the original amount of the debt repaid.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 5 total)

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