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    I have had many different encounters with my painkiller addiction. I have been an athlete my whole life and have had many surgeries to fix my injuries. These surgeries were accompanied by vicodin and percacet. I have had two back surgeries, my most recent one being a month ago. I have been using and abusing vicodin for over a year. Many of my friends have expressed their concerns about my drug use and have said I am a different person when I take my pills. I am not denying that I have a problem, but I fear I have been on vicodin for so long that I will not know how to function when I stop. The longest I have gone without vicodin has been 2 days. I started to have muscle aches, insomnia, watery eyes, and chills. How long will this last? I guess I do not know how much help I will need to stop my addiction or if I am even able to get clean…



    Hi Ktrick36,

    Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings. I believe you are in the right place, just the wrong forum. Here at 12 Step National Meetings there are many different forums you can seek experience, strength and hope from. This is the Narcotics Anonymous Step One forum (discussion of and about Step 1). You might want to look around the site and post your questions elsewhere to increase your chances of getting a response. Try the Substance Abuse or NA forum.

    best wishes,



    I’d say that if you know you have a problem you are definitely in the right place. I’m a recoverying addict and my drug of choice was pain killers too. The length of your withdraw symptoms kinda depend on how much you were using and how long you were using them for. I was doing 200-300mg of oxycontin a day so mine were pretty vicious. The worst part of mine were over in 7-10 days. It took a few weeks to start sleeping through the whole night though. Get to meetings and meet someone IN PERSON to talk to. They will understand where you are and will be more than willing to help. It’s wierd that I came across this because I live in Huntington, IN and actually go to meetings in Ft. Wayne… Good luck with everything…

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