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    Well, it’s not been long that I’ve been out from center. I am giving my follow up continuously. I do respect NA program, i go inside the center and share what i have inside. Sometimes i think i am going too positive, i mean not naturally because i feel so uneasy going like this with all formalities. We do go out for cup of coffee and i start feeling that i am deceased person and i should not go high and when i express my those feelings my fellos start laughing and i feel really odd.I am just 96 days clean and the place i am rite now is miles away from my home. Is it okey if i leave this place in a hope that i might keep myself happy at my home town. If i had not made the distance long my treatment would go unsuccessful thinking that way i came this very far for my treatment. How do i continue like this again i am asked to continue my follow up to center for 2 more weeks, more days if possible………..



    Do you have support–an NA group–in your home town? No one can tell you whether you should or shouldn’t go home, though I’d encourage you to set things in place so that you aren’t without the help that’s keeping you clean now. Do you have a sponsor in this NA group? Will that sponsor work with you long distance until you’re able to get a new one closer to home?

    Peace & Love,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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