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{Amends} Direct and Indirect.. Step 9

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    :tyou…..Now I have my 8th Step list in front of me in black and white. My Sponsor helped me see which amends can be made directly. He said.. as the text says…”If it isnt practical it isnt spiritual.” My list was narrowed down to a few that can be made directly. Their are two parts…I Believe..to this 9th Step..”Made direct amends to such people wherever possible”…Friends, Family, & Co-workers..etc..However…The second part of Step 9 is VERY important. “EXCEPT when to DO so would INJURE them or others”…Myself included..If I didnt have a Sponsor I would have been in serious trouble after doing my 8th Step list and moving to make amends to everyone on that list. Most of my amends would have hurt the people more by opening old wounds and Ive learned ..”We do not have the right to……endanger another person.” “Indirect amends may be necessary where direct ones would be unsafe or endanger other people.” [Basic Text page 39,40 Step 9]. This Step is for me, but if its going to hurt others the best amends would be indirect. One way to make indirect amends would be to continue on the road to recovery and to not repeat the behavior on my list. Forgiveness and Courage are some Principles to be practice in this Step..Im learning and have come a long way from smoking crack in strange places to seeking help from God and others on “The Path”..This is a lifetime process so I need to easy does it..But do it….Im ready for Step 10 Peter F. :exercise1



    Your doing the deal! Have a great day!



    I am moving on to step 9 soon, and I am wondering (I am sure my sponsor will cover) what we do when the people we harmed do not know we harmed them! Do we just say “Hey, sorry I called you a fatty McFatterson behind your back for 8 years” or “Oh, by the way, I slept with your boyfriend– sorry about that!” that just doesn’t seem right to me…

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