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    Hmm, I owe about $1500 to one though, in stolen food, cash, lotto tickets, tobacco, and alcohol. How do I make that up?



    Most of my amends like owing money to a grocery store was on my 8th Step list because I was ‘Willing’ to make restitution. However, just because its on my list doesnt necessarily mean I make direct amends. The Basic text says..”Inderect amends may be necessary where direct ones would be unsafe” (Step 9) We need to remember “EXCEPT”when to do so would injure them or others…Ourselves included. My sponsor and I thought it would be better making indirect amends. The store is still there but this was 20 years ago. Are the owners the same people I stole from? How would it look if I went into the store and said… “Your on my 8 Step list so here is my $200 dollars I owe you…” If it isnt practical it isnt Spiritual. I think that the cashier would probably put it in his/her pocket anyway. Like Missy shared their are ways of paying back what was stolen one day at a time. One way is by ‘NOT’ Repeating that behavior. Steps 1-8 prepare me for this Step. Sponsorship is very important here….Thanks for all the comments above..Clean:whoop



    How are all of you defining harm to yourselves? I’m very curious because I was not guided to avoid amends that might bring me harm unless it would directly or indirectly harm others as well (for example: if I were to go to jail as the result of amends, my children would suffer, so those amends may need to be done indirectly).

    As far as making financial restitution, it can be done anonymously with a letter and a money order. If the owner at the time of the theft is uncertain, a public records search can settle that. Easy? No, but do we scratch it off the list because it’s not easy? One of my sponsees made financial restitution in this way when the threat of jail was imminent if she came forward directly and she was in the process of trying to make a stable home for two teenagers who’d suffered greatly as the result of her addiction. But she made them–a $25 money order at a time.

    Peace & Love,

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 21 total)

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