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An INCREDIBLY Powerful Experience!

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    I had to come and share this with all of you!

    I have mentioned on a couple of other threads that I am on my 9th step.
    So, today I went to lunch with my Mother and that went very well. My Mom and I are close. She cried.

    Then on my home from work, I called my 17 year old son and asked him if he would meet me at Jamba Juice. So we met and after we got him juice we walked over to the Starbucks for me. We sat on the patio out front facing the parking lot (this will be important later).

    So I made my amends to him and I think it was really really great for both of us. I think there was a lot of healing. Then we hung out and talked for awhile. So he started asking me questions about the amends process. He asked who else is on my list and I said “Oh lots of people and some that I will not be able to make amends to right away. But my sponsor told me that it amazing what happens when you work this step. If you are open, your higher power will provide opportunities for you to make those amends.”

    So we talked for a few more minutes when a sheriff’s car pulled in the parking lot and I thought “Wouldn’t that be weird if it was the sheriff that arrested me the last night I drank”. So it wasn’t and we kept talking and then 10 minutes later, two more sheriff cars come in the parking lot and park. Three sheriffs get out and they walk past us into Starbucks and one of them is the sheriff that arrested me! My jaw dropped and my son says “What?!” and I told him that it was the cop that had arrested me and he asked if she was on my list. I said No, but she should have been. So he asked if I was going to talk to her and I told him that I had to. This opportunity was given to me! But I waited and my son and I talked. I did not want to have to go into the small Starbucks and ask one sheriff out of 4 if I could talk to her outside 🙂

    So anyway, just as I was about to give up (how long are their breaks anyway??) and walk inside to talk to her my son says “They’re getting up! She is throwing away her cup. They’re coming outside.” So I stood up and walked toward her and asked if I could speak to her for a minute. She said yes and stepped aside and the other sheriff stood a couple feet away. So I just told her that I met her 356 days ago but she probably does not remember me. I explained how we “met” and that I wanted to apologize for my behavior and she said No you were fine, remorseful, cooperative and I was just doing my job. So I admitted she could probably do her job a lot better if she wasn’t having to deal deal with drunk drivers crashing their car and having to spend your time arresting them. And I thanked her for her kindness and compassion. She was very professional. She said it was interesting I knew it was 356 days ago and I told her that was because I would be 1 year sober in 10 days. She smiled.

    So I did tell her the story of my step-work and what I told my son and then her showing up. She said it gave her goosebumps. 🙂 So we shook hands, I thanked her again and she wished my luck. Wow! I am just blown away!
    What a miracle huh!

    I can not begin to tell you how I feel right now.
    Stunned. Amazed. Drunk with love and gratitude for my sobriety today.And I choose to give all of the the credit for this amazing life I have today to my higher power. Because I sure can not take the credit.

    Thanks for listening to me share. :ghug



    TTOSBT-thats great.A day of healing.Thanks for sharing!



    That makes me feel drunk with gratitude and love too – for my life my HP, this program and all of you. How AMAZING. I have goosebumps too! Wonderful!!!!

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