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any tips on step 4?

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    I have started my 4th step..the person who has been acting as my sponsor has been in the program for 12 years and i love her BUT she hasn’t done a 4th step..started asking people at meetings and someone gave me blueprint for’s really long. Anybody do anything else? I’ve done the checklists and am answerring questions out of Paths to Recovery. Experience/advice welcome!



    When I chose a sponsor I chose one who had worked the steps all the way through herself and who had good recovery under her belt. I really needed that because she helped me through some very difficult issues that I had to face in this step.

    Step 4 is one of the most difficult steps and you may want to ask someone who has worked it to sponsor you for this step.

    Or perhaps the method you have chosen will work for you.

    If your first three steps are solid with you, you will know if Step 4 is helping you or hindering you and if the latter applies, I suggest asking someone to help you.




    I’ve been asking another person who has been thru all the steps for advice, but so far it seems like answering the questions isn’t too tough. i have been in alot of step meetings and we’ve gone over step 4(multiple times) so I feel pretty ok with it. It’s just that people make it sound like you really need to do it WITH your sponsor and I’m not sure why. Some people sound like they just use the defects checklist and others do the whole blueprint deal. Just wondering what experiences people have had. It’s not the trauma fest I expected but I think thats because I have basically already answered the questions in group…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 9 total)

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