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    Staying sober is a constant battle, especially because drinking is so sociably acceptable. I am doing really well on getting through the urges I have to drink. I pray everyday to have wisdom, patience and faith, and it is working. Right now my thoughts seem to revolve around my divorce. It is really hard to battle sobriety and giving up someone you love so much, but have hurt because of the addiction. I guess I thought that if I was sober everything would come together. I am an alcoholic, there is no doubt about that. My GOD is with me. I know he has a great plan for me. Is it wrong, or is it faith to want to be a sober, GODLY man to regain her love? Or should I just say I have to let her go forever and let the hurt end in time?



    If staying sober is a battle, I recommend getting serious about building your faith by taking the 12 Steps. Have someone who has experienced a spiritual awakening take you through them. What you are talking about is classic inventory material, where I can be selfish even with the best of intentions.

    It’s me playing God, instead of relying on God.



    I think you find that if you focus on your sobriety – in the three areas that alcoholism effects (physical, mental and spiritual) you’ll be just fine……with her, without her, with someone new, or with nobody new.

    Interestingly, we’ve found that as we straightened out spiritually, the other two areas seemed to fall into place – which is a nice treat. 🙂

    Being “ok” regardless of the results is a big deal in sobriety. As Keith mentioned, it’s a big part of stopping the “I’m God” mentality – the false belief that we can impact and control everything we want to.

    Again…….get yourself into shape and don’t get caught up in what sobriety will mean to her, your relationship, etc. It may be difficult to not ponder the future quite so much but it’s necessary to live in the moment – today… and not get all twirled up in tomorrow or yesterday as there’s not a THING we can do about them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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