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    “If alcohol, is such a “powerful” foe that WE created, why can we not overcome it?”

    Just IMO, but the problem isn’t in the nature of the chemical itself. Alcohol is no more powerful than dish soap.

    The problem is the steady % of humans who have throughout history have had an unusual reaction to it.

    Unable either from the start or after some exposure to bear reality without it for long, despite intent or decision. Because of that reaction they don’t understand. Even if life is good without it and months or years have passed, eventually the truth of being who we are fades and we are again drinking either quickly or soon as we did before.

    Nothing special or astounding, true for some people as it’s always been.

    And, once you’re like us you stay that way, despite not wanting to very much.

    Here and there, now and then alcoholics have changed and stopped, but rarely. Still happens that they do. By and large we don’t. If you’ve got this thing it’s likely to be what eventually takes you out, directly or indirectly. Very little about being an alcoholic is good news, that and because it sometimes gives us instant relief from conflicted emotions and warped perceptions is why it’s difficult to admit to ourselves. It’s like letting go of the rope we are hanging in air by.

    But, eventually some of us get it that the illusion of a solution to problems and feelings is not a workable or useful solution, and we have to do what it takes to get by in the real world 24/7.

    Most don’t get that and settle for the illusions alcohol provides only to alcoholics.

    Hope that helps explain things a bit.



    I don’t talk about the ‘why’. I look at the facts. Let’s see me put down the bottle for good. Whoops, that didn’t work. Let’s see me go to doctors, counselors, treatment, rehab, get a support group, watch my triggers, fill my time with other things, spend some time in jail…

    Whoops, that didn’t work either. Now I’m right and truly f**ked because my absolute, go all out, do anything it takes, efforts found me drunk.

    Powerless. I had to have some additional power if I was going to survive this. Now just how do I get that? ‘Well, that’s exactly what this book is about. It’s main object is to show you how to find a power greater than yourself which will solve your problem.’

    quote aabb1st



    If it was just the ‘chemical’ – than I should be okay when I dry out? Right??? Erm…well, not really. Not only have things never been truly OK when I had dry periods – I seemed to go back to drinking without much resistance, forethought.

    If I know that something is going to create so many problems, cause so much suffering – why would I keep going back???

    Perhaps I am powerless

    What am I going to do? Oh, there’s nothing I can do..?? If I am powerless, that means there is nothing I can do to help myself.

    Better find some power…

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