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    @RumlessPirate 2846622 wrote:

    Really, do we as humans, REALLY find ourselves to be powerless over this simple, yet at times, complicated affair, with a chemical that WE created, to be so hard to overcome?

    We most certainly have THE power to end it. WE created it.

    Alcoholism (to me at least) is like a bad marriage. I love alcohol, and I absolutely hate it, with all of my heart

    We know that this “power” of alcohol is a formidable foe.

    I have been battling this ******* for some time now, sometimes weak in the battle against it, falling back into the same old game…

    If alcohol, is such a “powerful” foe that WE created, why can we not overcome it?

    Some insight would be appreciated….:grouphug:

    If you are a real alcoholic you will probably not be able to end it. It’s a power greater than you. I tried every way to stop drinking and I kept on drinking. By going through the 12 steps i have found that alcohol wasnt really my problem. It was a solution that stopped working….a symptom of the real problem. The steps get down to the real causes and conditions and as a result of followiing the directions we get great power to live (not to quit drinking).

    My experience…

    Hope it helps…



    sometimes weak in the battle against it, falling back into the same old game…

    powerless before you drank the stuff……for me it was like the sirens calling the ships on to the rocks every time……i had no mental defence..

    My sponsor would say……there is no fight lost before it began.



    The concept of “powerlessness” seems tough on the ego. I read constantly on the Newcomer’s forums people coming in and talking about how they are going to “fight” this problem and “win the struggle” and “beat it”.

    I know now that it was that mindset that kept me IN the problem for so long.

    Alcohol will kick my butt every time. It is a losing proposition to “fight” it. Once I was able to surrender my ego and admit I couldn’t win the battle, freedom was on the horizon.

    Non-alcoholics don’t have the relationship with alcohol that I did. They “control” it as easily as they control their plans for dinner. “Tonight I’m going out with my friends and we’ll have a couple of drinks.” And then they DO it, without even thinking about it! Amazing! On the rare occasions when I was able to go out and have only a couple of drinks, I was in agony for more. And sooner or later I’d cave to that agony.

    So you can analyze all you want whether alcoholism, and the idea of being “powerless” over it makes any sense. Experientially, we don’t have any power over it. Good enough for me.

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