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    Just wondering who else still has alcohol/their drug of choice in their house while recovering??

    i would have poured it out but when i was a kid i remmeber my mother telling me about her uncle quitting smoking (he smoked quite heavily) and for the rest of his life always keeping a pack of smokes in his front pocket, almost like having the temptation there at all times, but showing you’re strong enough to beat it. I really liked the idea of that, so i didn’t dump anything and have been living with it in plain site.

    I recently however did move the beers out of the fridge because it’s not really practical when i had food i’d actually like to go there.

    other than that i would say the first few days i would look at the beers, pick them up then place them back. after that the curiosity in them faded and i put them away. i’m on 18 days now and don’t really care to drink anything.

    im having questions whether or not im an alcoholic or problem drinker, i have no idea. I’ve never blacked out, always stopped after the 8 drink mark because i “knew better”, never affected my work or family life. But i suppose, if i didn’t think i had a problem i wouldn’t be here, or maybe i came here for some answers myself?

    oh well, either way!
    i’m keeping those proverbial “smokes in the front of my pocket” to remind myself i’m strong enough to over come anything, so far has been working! even though my beers are literally 10 feet away, i could care less 🙂

    hope you all find your answers too

    thanks for taking the time to read these random thoughts in my head. hah

    I have however been enjoying sobriety and the constructive time i’ve had with it



    I’m a non drinker, so I don’t have alcohol in my house. I ask that others respect that too.




    I don’t need to weigh out if I’m a problem drinker or not. I know that by keeping alcohol in my house it would entice me to lose my mind and my sobriety. It would be a constant nagging numbness in my head just knowing how easy it could be. I am just so much happier now…and just can’t phathom the idea of tempting fate.
    I wish you continued success with your plan.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 66 total)

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