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    I’ve kept alcohol in my house before during attempts to get sober. To me drawing an analogy between keeping cigarettes around and keeping alcohol in your house isn’t a fair analogy. – just my opinion.

    I’ve struggled with quitting smoking before and had some success keeping smokes around, only because if I had one and really didn’t want to have another I could just be disappointed at myself for ‘giving in’.

    With alcohol, once I gave in and took that first drink I inevitably ended up consuming everything I had in my house and went looking for more, was hungover the next day and needed some hair of the dog to take the edge off. By that evening I was drunk again….that was my experience, I could never get out of the cycle until I was wiling to break it completely.

    I hope that works for you. I’d be asking myself – what am I trying to prove and is it worth it?



    I find that the less I think about alcohol the better off I am, its not in my house now and dont need it there ever.

    I hope it works for you, I tried that too, sometimes I drew a poison sign on the beers with a marker and kept them hot, in the end they were drank.



    my wife drinks wine a couple of time a week (one or two glasses). I am comfortable with it. Alcohol is everywhere in our society you can’t avoid it, but your home is your place- you make the rules. In the past I would have found it useful to have it around to “de-sensitise” myself and build up my resolve…………..(I’ve relapsed often LOL). I am trying to move to a position where I do not have any relationship with alcohol at all ie am completely neutral about it (but still resolved not to use).

    What ever you’re doing it’s currently working for you…… you feel may change in time

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 66 total)

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