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    @LaFemme 3004837 wrote:

    Just a quick observation…the people who have booze in their homes know exactly what is there and how much of it there is.

    I would have a hard time cataloging my NA beverages without opening the fridge:)

    When I visit my parents and their plethora of booze I am also very aware of what they Have, where it is, what is open and if open how much is in the bottle.

    It’s what we do, isn’t it? Obsession of the mind…

    My sister had ONE drink on a recent vacation. I spent days trying to understand how she could have had just one. Just one? What’s the point?



    My wife drinks wine and beer (responsibly) so we have some of that in the house. Also a bottle of really nice tequila and a very, very old bottle of port. Both were gifts and I’ll probably re-gift them. I’m too cheap to pour them out and they represent no temptation. I don’t want to drink, so no temptation.

    This reminds me I have a tiny bit of pot stashed as well. I probably will end up throwing it out but I never even think about it being there.



    When I was about 6 months or so sober, I found some beers that I had hidden in the closet. My first thought was to drink them. It was so hard to dump them, but I did. I even became angry with myself, because I thought I was so strong in my recovery. Those beers really messed me up for days and the cravings and voices inside my head had returned.
    I can’t have it in the house, way to tempting 4 me.

Viewing 3 posts - 64 through 66 (of 66 total)

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