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Came To Believe

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    I remember a couple of years before I came to AA, I was praying and asking God to help get me back to AA.

    That night when I went to that first meeting, it was a cold winters night and me and my wife were going there to get in out of the cold and get a hot cup of coffee. Before we entered the doors I had told my wife, I wasn’t going in to get clean and sober and straighten out my life. When it came time to give out the chips, I went up and got my 24hr chip. Held it in my hand and looked up and thanked God. God got me back to AA, a couple of years later than what I wanted but got me there just the same.

    I grew up a Catholic and believed in a punishing God, so, to come with an idea of the God of your understanding helped me to come to believe in a God that has unconditional love, cares about me, no matter what and is not a punishing God at all.

    At a meeting, I won a raffle for any book on the table and I picked up the book “Came To Believe.” Reading this book let me know that people from all walks of life and beliefs and non-beliefs had come to some kind of an understanding. I knew I could do the same for myself. Not only that, but things that started happening in my life after that, that weren’t coincidence, enhanced my belief in God.

    I use to go to a Beginners Step Meeting that consisted of just the first three steps. One night at that meeting when we were on Step 2, and I’m still trying to understand how God of my understanding could restore me to sanity, I mean, I wasn’t insane. Came time for an oldtimer to share and he asked the question, “Has the obsesssion to drink been lifted for today?” Of course I answered yes, to myself. Also knowing that the obsession had been lifted for days previous to that one. Now having some kind of understanding about being restored to sanity, I came to believe.

    And when I got a Big Book Step Study sponsor to help direct me through the process of the steps, with a loving God, my understanding of the insanity of this disease was of better value to me.

    So I came to believe that a Power greater than myself, could restore me to sanity.




    Thank you for your uplifting message, I too found great insight in the ‘Came to Believe’ book. Recently I have been spending alot more time around ‘old timers’ and they are constantly reminding me to trust the H.P and that no matter where I thikn I should be I am exactly where God wants me to be




    Whew. Not my take on things. I am frequently not where God wants to be. It’s up to me to get to the right place. Step 10 and 11 do that for me.

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