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can i ask a question?

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    Based on my experience thus far working the 12 Steps and on what I’ve “gotten” thus far from doing so, I would have to say that what I am seeking (and I had no clue that this was what I was seeking when I started) is a fuller awareness of, gratitude for, and receptivity to God’s grace and the redemption (very, very different from “justice”) that results from being open to and aware of receiving that grace…not because I deserve it or because I earn it or because I ask for it but simply because He loves me and will give it to me insofar as I am open and willing to receive it…

    …Actually, my best guess is that He’s giving it to me all of the time…The real question/problem is whether or not I am receiving it…

    I guess how I see it is that my “sins” are any any behaviors, or attitudes, or beliefs that separate me from God and keep me from receiving/recognizing His grace, so, as Bob D. says, “I am not punished for my sins; I am punished by my sins.”

    In other words, God is not out to punish me or to cause me pain — I cause my own pain and inflict punishment on myself insofar as I live in denial of God’s grace and out-of-sync with God’s will.




    Karma is action. It’s like yelling in a canyon and hearing an echo. It’s like any other natural force like gravity; nobody has to cause it, it just happens.

    People do the best they can, but we make mistakes because we don’t know any better. So we have to learn how to know better. Which means being open to other answers besides our habitual ones.



    A lot of people misunderstand the law of karma.
    Karma is simply cause and effect. This thing happened because that thing happened before it. Karma is a law of the universe. Karma is not a gift, reward, punishment, retribution, or judgement. Karma does not keep score, or play favorites. It is not something deserved. It is simply cause and effect.

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 10 total)

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