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Can Superheroes’ be my higher power just a thought?

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    I’m on step two and have not had a drink in almost a year. This step is kind of tough as I am not religious at all.

    My 3 correlations with “super heroes”

    1. I have noticed that all “super heroes” have started with some kind of tragedy early on in life. In particularly with their parents. This ultimately shapes their overall character. It’s as if something happens and makes you aware of how much the world can suck and needs changing, or how we need to change ourselves so that we do not perceive the world as sucking.

    2.) They never really want to become a hero but more or less forced into the role. ….

    3.) A mystical element is involved. I believe this is done because the first two correlations could fit into any of our lives. Such as a tragic home life and then being forced into a role that you might not wanted to take on, but know that it is the right thing to do. However a mystical feature such as a light saber, the force, or superhuman powers makes us all raise an eyebrow.

    Star Wars:….Tragedy….
    Luke Skywalkers mother dies giving birth to him while his dad is not around because he has turned to the “darkside.” As a result he lives with his aunt and uncle.
    Forced To Change ….
    He tells Obi Wan Kanobi that he does not want to be a Jedi, shortly after that he finds his aunt and uncle murdered and becomes a Jedi knight that ultimately restores peace to the galaxy. ….
    Mystical Element ….
    Light Saber & the force

    Clarks.. parents are killed after their planet krypton is destroyed. Therefore he lives with Martha and Jonathon Kent who found him in a cornfield when he was an infant. Then Jonathon dies while he is in high school adding more fuel to the fire.
    Forced To Change….
    He can’t stand seeing people in trouble so he just takes it among himself to try and save the world even though the one thing he wanted most in life was to be normal.
    Mystical Element….
    Extraterrestrial Powers, super speed, flying, ect….
    Spiderman: ….Tragedy….
    Peter Parker lives with his aunt May and uncle Ben but we don’t know why, or at least I don’t. Even without this knowledge it implies that there was some tragedy early on in life involving his parents.
    Forced To Changed….
    After seeing his uncle Ben murdered he takes it upon himself to fight crime with is new found powers.
    Mystical Element ….
    Spidey Powers ….
    Bruce Wayne witnessed his parent’s murder after an opera. From that point on he lives with his family’s butler Alfred.
    Forced To Change ….
    As I said above he saw his parents murdered so that is what led him to be a crime fighter and eventually killing the Joker who killed his parents.
    Mystical Element….
    The Bat

    Lord of The Rings:….Tragedy ….
    Froto lives with his uncle as well once again implying that there was some kind of tragedy with his parents.
    Forced To Change ….
    I am almost positive that he was just handed the ring and told where to take it even though it probably wasn’t something he was crazy about doing but some how knew he had to.
    Mystical Element:….
    The Ring


    My mom became partially paralyzed after several major strokes when I was 17, then my dad died of cancer when I was 24. Also at 26 my ex-girlfriend ended her life but that is a little off topic but did forced me to
    Force to change..
    I had to grow up really quick and help with grocery shopping and things I just took for granted. When my friends went to college I was forced to help out around the house taking care of my mom’s most basic needs.

    Mystical element….
    For the longest time I thought it was drinking and smoking marijuana. Then I realized or had an awakening that this was not mystical at all and only hurting myself and those around me.

    Now my mystical element seems to be Brazilian Jiujitsu. It makes me feel like I am a Jedi in training as what I am acquiring is not tangible but something with in me. I don’t want to use my “powers” to hurt anyone but as a way to protect myself and the ones I love. It also protects me from myself as I can be my greatest threat. I’m aware of my body and what harm the drugs and alcohol will do to it. After a few months sober I got a superman symbol tattoo on my leg and in my journal from rehab a year ago I wrote about doing that after getting sober as a symbol of sobriety and doing the right things in life. Kind of like would “Clark Kent take that first drink, nope”. Anyways I am not religious at all. But I feel like I had an awakening and then did something about it. Soon I will have a year of sobriety and often look down at the symbol branded on my leg and what it means to me. Am I a “super hero”, of course not, however I look at them as inspiration for me to live a healthy happy life. I think the same amount of people have seen God, Santa Clause, Batman, Spiderman and Superman in real life. However there myths and legends help to guide us in our paths.



    you know..your hp is between you and your hp 🙂 doesn’t matter what any of us think.

    The only thing we need (according to AA) is a source of power to keep us sober….choose what actually and really makes sense to you and what others thing doesn’t mean squat.

    but if posting about it helps you to understand what you believe thats great 🙂 Just don’t be put off if you get some negative responses 🙂



    Thanks ananda!!

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