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    Well I eventually gave in and now pray to some sort of god. Maybe it is Jeus but that I am still trying to define. However superheroes are still an inspiration to me. I still find myself saying would “Clark Kent” say or do something that would hurt this person….Nerdy, cheesy and crazy I know but that is just me. Lately I have been praying and it somehow does help to balance me out when my mind is racing with negative thoughts.



    Step 2 has nothing to do with religion, and very little to do with defining or understanding a higher power (even less to do with giving that power a name or a face). Step 2 is the inevitable result of a thorough Step 1.



    I’ve heard some off-the wall things (door-knobs, dogs, cats, sponsors (this is a BAD one))

    I gave up, met with a priest and was utterly surprised how my spirituality slowly came back to me when I actively sought it again. It doesnt work unless you work it… But this was just my experience…

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 7 total)

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