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    Hi cairns….congrats on your 5 weeks, I’m at about the same stage. Ive found going to AA meetings a massive help. I’ve managed to quit for up to 4 months at various times in the past, but each time I’ve gone back to drinking moderately initially, then before long I’m on the binges again. What’s different this time is the support I get from other sober people, and those that have lived successfully sober for years, decades even. What’s different this time is that I’ve had to be brutally honest with myself and acknowledge that although I didn’t drink in the morning, or drink everyday, I still drank alcoholically. I’ve always been an alcoholic, and there’s a solution in AA, if I want what others have – I need to do what they did.
    I’m shy too and tend to isolate, but this forum and meetings have shown me in a short space of time that I can’t do this alone.
    Try more meetings if you can, its really helping me so far.
    Stick around 🙂



    Hello…. I’m back again after more relapses – family member leaving for Australia, friends birthday party, etc.

    Always seems to be an excuse and that’s all they are… excuses to try to justify to ourselves that we’re not alcoholics.

    Well here’s hoping that this time’s different…. actually, that’s a way of thinking that I need to change – here’s KNOWING that this time’s different.

    There’s a work party tonight but I’ve avoided it because I’m too early on this recovery – today’s only day 4 (again) for me :react

    I’m going to spend more often on soberrecovery this time around and avoid events like birthday’s like the plague until I’m able to handle them.

    Good luck to everyone starting their journey with me. I hope we can be successful this time round….



    Hi All: I’m back too–now a member of the June club, coming up on the end of Day Two and finally starting to shake some of the really bad withdrawal. I am determined to stick with the June club this time around and am detoxing with my doctors help and asking for a lot of support and sticking to 12 Step National Meetings. Glad to meet you other Juners, and I am with itsabout time, avoiding any kind of things that are going to lead to another relapse. We can do this together!

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 272 total)

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