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    Hi all… I had previously joined the May group but May fell apart. Back on for round 2, and on day 2. My motivation is to be healthy and start a family. And honestly – to get the nightly benders and morning dry-mouth/spacey brain away. I think my work would improve, and overall quality life will be better when I can remember it all!

    Toughest part for me is going home at night – stopped at the store had become a routine. Finding new stuff and springtime definitely helps but with it comes the summer bevies. Tonights distraction is pedicure, then packing for a mini-break weekend! Sunny beach and golf weekend here I come! It’s the activities that used to have a bevy paired with it, but without it is hardest part. Motivated though! And my hubby now called me a drunk so i think he’s past telling me to just have a couple – he knows how it turns out.

    Hi Citylights – good seeing you back again too!

    Day 2 – going well. I know tonight will be ok – the rest of the weekend will be a challenge, but my goal is to make it to monday when I can come back for the moral group support!

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!!



    Hi Preghopeful: Good to see you back too! I know, my routine was always to stop at the store on the way home, or have it sent up–there is a liquor store IN my apartment building, so I actually decided to stay on a trip I was on a little longer, hang out in a hotel, take walks, be gentle with myself while I make it in these first few days–change my habit up so that I am stronger when I go back home. Too many memories and temptations in the old routines.

    See you on Day Three!



    thanks for your support Dee and Newstart. Someone has kindly offered to be an online sponser to me. I am going to go to a meeting tonight. This will be my first meeting in a few weeks. I have started to look at giving ip drinking as a job. If I don’t make an effort I am going to fail. Good luck to all the class of June 2011!

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 272 total)

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