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Confused or just stupid

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    “The purpose of a searching and fearless moral inventory is to sort through the confusion and the contradiction of our lives, so that we can find out who we really are…Honest self-assessment is one of the keys to our new way of life.” ~ Basic Text, page 27



    @trudyb 2943726 wrote:

    Anyway, you would write down things like “I stole my husband’s wallet and spent all of his money”

    I like what Gmoney wrote about “find out who we really are”.

    If it’s about the exact nature of your wrongs, then we probably stole for reasons like selfishness, revenge, the craving, etc. … and satisfying OUR craving was more important than anyone else.

    Also, there were some root causes for our craving, long term and short term.

    Maybe some situation freaked us out, so we got hit by a sudden mental craving. Maybe the addiction had taken root, and the craving was endless. Maybe we were harboring resentments and fears and guilt, and our craving was our vain attempt to alleviate the darkness of our resentments and fears and guilt. That might be closer to “exact nature”.

    Each of us is slightly different, but we seem to have most of this in common, we react to life with human reactions, but somehow this has become so extreme that we almost become inhuman about that. Here we can do something about that, in our future lives, by examining our own history for these clues. The clues are often pretty obvious.

Viewing 2 posts - 4 through 5 (of 5 total)

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