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    I am on the second day without wine. I m trying to deal with the crazies by drinking non-alcoholic wine. It isn’t half bad. Psychologically when I pour it I get the same anticipation and then it feels amazing. I can sit and sip it and trick my brain into thinking I’m doing what I normally do.

    But I have read it’s a bad idea, because it doesn’t solve the underlying spiritual or whatever type of problem. And I am beginning to suspect that is true. I was there in the foodstore yesterday, with the same obsessive thoughts in my head. What will the cashier think if I buy three bottles? Is anyone looking at me in this aisle? Do they know I am a drinker? It reminds me of how I used to (hopefully “used to”) rotate liquor stores so the cashiers wouldn’t see me in there everyday.

    Then having it at home, I’m watching the bottle, rationing it, wondering if I will have enough to last for the night or I should go get more. Then my friend came over and with each glass, I began thinking, what does he think about me drinking so much? And it’s just glorified grape juice in a wine glass, lol!

    This doesn’t seem normal. And I’m literally doing all the same stuff I used to do in real drinking time. The whole point was to find myself again, get hobbies back, get outside, find friends!

    But by the same token I honestly think I would go get the real stuff if this were not here. Is it okay to use the fake booze to wean me off it, at least temporarily??




    There are mixed emotions about NA wine and NA beer on this board. Many feel it is too close to the real thing and mimics drinking too closely. I must say that your post makes it sound like you are obsessing a bit over the NA wine. It might not be such a good thing for you, especially at this early point in your sobriety.



    What Suki said. It seems like you are trying to recapture the pleasure, or at least a bit of it, with NA wine. Why not just give it all up, at least for a couple of months, get back in touch with the sober you and learn that you don’t have to be consuming anything to have fun.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 15 total)

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