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consensus on non-alcoholic wine?

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    I’ve not checked recently….but it’s my experience that they
    do have a small per centage of alcohol.

    You can’t quit drinking if you are drinking alcohol..:)

    Most important…it’s keeping you in the obcessive mind set.
    That is not doing you a bit of good.. IMO



    For me… Why bother; tastes nasty… I’d rather have a San Pelligrino with and nice fresh slice of orange etc. Same for O’douls. I will say be careful, for some people the non-alch stuff does seem to be a trigger esp. ‘da beer as it does have a very small amount of alch in it.



    i think I agree with everyone. yesterday i drank two whole bottles. sunday was my biggest drinking day and i guess i just felt a void. today i was jonesing to go get more after work but i met a friend for dinner instead. now im just doing seltzer with a lemon and i feel ok…going out to big italian dinners with my family will be a huge void, so maybe i will just reserve the fake booze for times when i will really miss grapes in an elegant stem…

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 15 total)

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