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consensus on non-alcoholic wine?

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    Why don’t you try to develop a taste for something that doesn’t resemble wine in the slightest?

    I’ve gotten to be an iced tea fiend. I bought a little iced tea machine and always keep a pitcher in the fridge.

    I definitely have some kind of “drinking problem” in that I DO seem to constantly need to be sipping something. Now it’s coffee or iced tea, or ice water, or soda.

    What’s nice about the tea thing is, you can buy a huge box of teabags, and nobody looks at you funny in the grocery store. 🙂



    I guess there are 2 ways to find out……..

    1. drink it and see if you relapse….and if you do, hopefully you can make it back before you burn too much or your life or the lives of those around you to the ground.

    2. pray about it….. ask whatever God of your own understanding that may be out there what He/She/It thinks.

    My experience is that #2 is much less dangerous, is much easier to do, and it’s more reliable too.




    You’ve gotten some good replies littlepetunia.

    As for me, I couldn’t do it no how, no way. (As much as I
    would like to tell myself that I could.) Wine was my drink of
    choice. No matter how I try to glamourize it or put it in
    a beautiful wineglass, it got me drunk, drunk, drunk everytime.
    Drunk to the point of blackout and creating chaos in my life.

    For me, to drink non alcoholic wine would set me up for
    total frustration and craving for wine to give me a buzz.
    No matter how I told myself I liked the taste of wine,
    or only wanted to be able to drink it with a nice meal,:rotfxko
    my reality is I wanted to get obliterated and that is what I did.

    Hey, if you can be totally honest with yourself that you are
    ok with the grape juice version, more power to you and I do
    mean that sincerely. Changing your focus to prefer a totally
    different drink might just be the ticket.

    I’ll clarify by saying I’m only a little over six weeks sober,
    so by all means take what you need here and leave the rest.

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 15 total)

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