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consensus on non-alcoholic wine?

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    Near beer and near wine both have .5% alcohol content.

    Drinking this as a substitute is like washing your feet with your socks still on.



    I big glass of chocolate milk with ice in it is what I like. It sounds to me like the non alcoholic wine is not doing you a bit of good. It helps me a lot if I start to have a craving to get a big glass of something I like that has no alcohol at all in it.



    I think it’s probably not OK to obsess over NA wine or beer the way you would have with the real stuff BUT I disagree with the idea that you should never put it to your lips.

    I have two friends who have been sober for three years+, and they have an NA beer every once in a while in social settings and they are fine with it.

    I have been sober for three weeks, then off a week, and now sober again and planning to stay that way every day here on out. I like to have one or two NA beers once in a while, and I can assure you that every bottle of the stuff says “Not More Than .5% alcohol.”

    For me, it was the ALCOHOL that was ruining my life and well-being. Not getting any perceivable negative impact from the NA beer makes me feel a tiny bit of flexibility, so for me I feel I can drink it and still have a zero-tolerance policy on relapse.

    I was sick of alcohol, now I’m sick of relapsing, so knock on wood.

    Like others here, I have also switched to mineral water, fresh juice, tea, coffee. In each case, I still have this hand-to-mouth craving, but non of these (including NA beer or wine) act as a depressant.

    I think we can all agree that there are different stages of alcoholism, and different TYPES of alcoholics — just as there are different types of cancer. None are good for you, but your recovery MAY VARY.

    Just my opinion of course, and it would undoubtedly be better to live without NA beer and wine, but maybe there are people who can and do handle it OK.

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 15 total)

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