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consensus on non-alcoholic wine?

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    @littlepetunia 2888240 wrote:

    Is it okay to use the fake booze to wean me off it, at least temporarily??

    I’d say no, personally.

    It’s not just the alcohol that you’re addicted to; it’s also the rituals around drinking it and the associations you have around it.

    If you were my sponsee, I’d say that you were setting yourself up for a slip.



    When I was first getting sober I told a sponsor I still drank O’Douls. He said I should stop, I said “But it’s Non-Alcoholic”.

    His reply was “That’s right, it’s for non alcoholics”

    I got the point. Noticed a difference too, I was way less irritable and edgy feeling when I stopped drinking it.

    Since then I’ve come close to triggering the “allergy” unintentionally. Once with Tira Misou and another time with Lobster Bisque. I find it best for me to avoid anything with the taste or residual alcohol levels, they might say it cooks it out but I “sense” it.

    Hand sanitzer, my nose hairs get excited when I smell the alcohol in them.

    This is part of the physiological effects of alcoholism I think. My body reacts funny to alcohol.




    12 Step National Meetings is for members who are interested in recovery from their addictions.
    It’s not allowed to promote the use of alcohol or drugs on our Forums.

    You have to quit drinking alcohol before you are sober.
    I hope you will soon stop and get the joy of living sober..:yup:

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 15 total)

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