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Continued to take personal inventory ? For how long ?

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    For me, taking personal inventory everyday is absolutely essential. I mean, how else am I going to avoid piling up a big heap of unaddressed “garbage” that will sooner or later lead me right back into the same kind of thinking and acting that brought me into recovery in the first place??????

    In most cases, taking a daily inventory — or a spot inventory — is pretty easy for me. Actually, it’s pretty much habitual and reflexive as soon as I start to feel uncomfortable about something and/or disconnected from HP. The only time I write stuff down is if I can’t easily and/or exactly put my finger on the problem and what’s underlying it…because writing it down and, often, talking about it with someone else helps me to work it through and analyze it more thoroughly and carefully.

    But, it seems to me like, for anyone who is relatively new and for whom taking daily/spot inventory is not a habit and who is not yet used to really looking at and dealing with his/her own sh*t as it comes up in daily life, writing it down is a good way to get in the habit and to learn how to really work through and understand exactly what is going on with him/herself when he/she behaves in ways that are not consistent with good recovery and/or the desire to live a HP centered life.

    For now, you might really need to get input from your sponsor or some other trusted program person in order to really “work things through” and figure out what you need to do to address/amend stuff….but the longer you practice doing this, the more you will be able to just quickly and easily do it for/by yourself and the less often you will need to seek other’s input.

    But, really, the importance of taking your inventory on an at-least daily-basis cannot possibly be overstated. The better you get doing this, the less often you will need to be doing huge 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th Steps.




    I don’t really know how to respond. I fired my first sponsor because he rejected my first inventory because I typed it on my computer into MS Word. He told me to use pen and paper. My response was if AA had started during colonial times, would I be required to use a feather quill and ink well to write my inventory?

    As my first inventory,it actually left a lot to be desired but the shortcomings of my first inventory had to do with content, not how it got written in the first place. That is a classic example of disagreeing with ones sponsor, when called for.

    I do think we need to do steps 10-12 forever. I do not think we need to sponsor people, but 12th step work – carrying the message to others – is important.

    Just MHO. Good luck and keep posting.



    One more thing — as a former English professor, I can 100% guarantee you that people worrying about getting things down right — in the sense of “correctly” — on the first draft is the #1 cause of sh*ty, boring, pointless writing. When you are writing something that is basically for your own use, the sole purpose is to get it out of your head and onto a paper. This does not need to be some kind of big, time-consuming, stressful activity. You can just say to yourself: “I’m going to write for 5 minutes, without stopping, about whatever issues/things/behaviors came up for me and/or were problematic for me today.”

    Then just do it.

    Sit there and write.

    Do not stop; keep your pen/pencil moving constantly for the 5 minutes.

    Do not think about spelling or grammar or handwriting or even making complete sentences. Just get the cr*p out. If it turns out that you have to share it with someone and you’re the only person who can read it, then, fine, read it to that person. If that person can’t handle it and expects for you to hand him/her some perfectly written sterling prose, find another person to help you. This is not about your becoming a renown writer or pleasing somebody else; this is about your staying sober — physically, emotionally and spiritually!

    …..and I can also promise you that it will be much, much easier if you stop trying to find reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t have to do it and just get on with doing it.


    P.S. The things you do that hurt yourself are every bit as important and subject to inventory as the things you do that hurt others. And, just FYI, isolating would be one of them.

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