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Continued to take personal inventory ? For how long ?

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    @SloganJack 2356546 wrote:

    Hi How often ? Do we take these personal inventorys. How do you work this in to our daily program,

    I try to do this every night using the Big Book & the 11 step “when we retire at night” suggestions.

    The Big Book gives clear directions on the 10th step. I did not know that and worked the 10th step using my own interpretation for along time. When I started using the BB directions it made a big difference in my sobriety.

    I really like Sandy B on the 10th step. If we find our selves disturbed in any way, time to inventory, and work the steps.



    When I am unsettled or anxious about something going on, anything… that’s when I take inventory… On some days it may be constantly, other days I may have to remind myself to do so…

    But very important is that prompt admission if we were wrong… that is the point right?

    Being at peace with the world and ourselves allows us to be in constant contact with God… For this reason my spiritual fitness demands the 10th step.




    Wow those are super-great posts #4 and #6 Freya. Thanks for the English professor perspective. I’ve heard of and use the “freewriting” method, but never heard it explained so clearly.

    THIS site has a 10th step guide I like.

    While we’re at it THIS site has some great 4th step guides and worksheets that we can also incorporate into the 10th step. (Scroll 1/2 way down to the 4th step links right in the middle of the page.)

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 23 total)

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