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    @intention 2552989 wrote:

    However willing I am to be honest with myself and with God, when something is inside my head, I cannot always see the truth of it.

    at once?”

    Hi intention
    Glad were here can you give an An Example?

    Try to trust in God first then yourself – it can get better
    Sometimes one cannot be still – but if one can be still and pray for the wisdom to know the difference the answers will come if your relations with him is right.

    It seems illogical, nonspiritual and quite insane and was good at all three from time to time to “be true to thy self” when looking for the truth from another.

    I try to share his strength and hope gave up the secrets long ago it has surely been an experience .



    Continued to take personal inventory ? For how long ?

    In the begining ..I did do my nightly inventory with pen and paper.
    My brain was foggy…I needed the structure….:yup:

    After a couple of months…and ever since …I do it mentally.

    I end the nightly inventory with prayer.
    Been working great for me for 20+ years.

    To do a Step inventory….I do still use pem and paper
    out of the BB. I do those when I feel out off balance.
    Again…..I end in prayer….:)



    …for a newbie to comment.

    I’ve really only just begun to do my 10th step work… reviewing daily, in writing, the “pre-resentments” and character defects has revealed some common patterns. Recognizing, after doing this for only 2 weeks, those patterns let’s me change the behavior WAY FASTER now. So, before, the FEAR would fester and bubble – and now I discuss it immediately (or nearly so) and move on.

    I’m grateful for this step and the simple phrase, “How can I help you with that NOW?” It keeps me in the moment…

    Thanks from a new guy.

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 23 total)

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