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could use some 9th step help

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    If “she” shows up on your doorstep on Christmas day, remember whose birthday we’re celebrating and treat the way He would. When I go to mass, every time we open by saying, “may the peace of the Lord be with you all.” When Jesus met with the people who denied him when he was put to death, he greeted them by saying, “peace be with you.” Greet her with peace and love which you’ll be able to do if you’ve let go of the guilt trip you’ve put yourself on. Pray about it and just love her as a mother would love her daughter and as God loves us.




    thats……….ALOT to digest for me today

    yet “ALL” spot on, and in reality the way the incident should be handled. (should it even happen)…………….stay in today Din!

    I have and will continue to pray about it.

    the part (to be brutally honest) that I am struggling with right now………

    Is the past 17 years of thinking (and feelings)……….VS…………the last not quite year of learning (and new emotions)
    the two just do not go together now “at all” (which, IF I am working my program, and growing spiritually) I suppose shouldn’t.

    it was a survival instinct from years ago when my heart was broken by her…………I just keep that guard up still…………

    you are right

    I will simply “pray about it” and let god have this one ))

    thanks again



    What’s helped me is to realize that the past was filled with booze and all that goes with it. Do I wish it had been different….sure. I was hurt and people around me were hurt in the process. I did the best I could to under the circumstances, and so do other people. Our kids were, and in some cases still are hurting from the past. I have a program to help me deal with what happened. Many others don’t, so it’s my responsibility to stay in the present and show the example. Maybe our kids will see and catch on, maybe not. My program tells me to love others as I would like to be loved and to forgive others as I would like to be forgiven. A lot to digest??? You bet! So just keep on chewing and remember your daughter is doing the best with what she has to work with.

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 11 total)

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