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    From the hopelessness of Step One to the potential of Step Two.

    I didn’t grow up in a religious home, but had an innate belief in God from an early age (my aunt is a Christian, and she made sure that I heard about God.)

    At 21 years old, I had a profound personal experience, wherein I “heard God” speak to me–I was inside of a building that exploded. That got my attention. I began to make the rounds of churches and preachers, but could never quite fit in.

    I still believe in God, and I still seek Him. Why have I failed in the past, though? Why do I keep returning to the pig’s trough? One thing I see here, that I have missed before is the word “could.”

    God has no obligation to restore me to sanity. He may have other plans for me. In Step Two, I am simply directed to acknowledge that this “Power greater than myself” exists, and that it is possible for that Power to restore me to sanity: I can’t; God can. (I also note, but had not seen before, that “Power” is capitalized in both the Big Book and the 12×12.)

    AA is a “we” program. What are your thoughts on this?



    mmm…my problem is with would…..



    Do you trust God, or do you just believe in Him?

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