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    So how are you doing this morning? Are you not working today? Is it warm where you are? It’s supposed to be warm here in the Northwest…maybe the warmest day of the year.



    Yeah, when we run away from our feelings, we end up having to face them again eventually, if we want to get sober.

    You have a lot to stay sober for. As for how you do it – don’t buy the alcohol today. Drive home a different way so you avoid the store. Do something with your boys in the evening to take your mind off drinking for a little while. Do whatever it takes.



    klg= I know how you feel. I am a single mother of 2 awesome kids and I have a wonderful job that I love.
    I know I can lose it all because of alcohol.
    That fear is what is making me want to change.
    The fear that I am losing my kids’ respect.
    The fear of a DUI.
    But even being terrified of these things, I still find myself drinking. It sucks, but I went 5 straight days last week without a drink and I felt great. Now I want to be sober, not for the fear of what can happen but for the hope to finally feel good and happy and healthy. I need to learn to refocus my bad thoughts and habits into good happy thoughts and habits as an example for my kids.
    I want to feel good again.
    Take care and try to stay strong. Remember 1 day at a time and even 1 hour at a time… 1 minute at time if you have to. You will feel so proud of yourself tomorrow morning. Trust me.

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 14 total)

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